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  • Local Postal Administrations &Their Main Function

  • 2008-10-31

  • 地方邮政监管机构设置和主要职责
    Local Postal Administrations and Their Main Functions
    省(区、市)邮政管理局机构设置 Province-Level Postal Administrations
    The postal administrations in 31 provinces (Autonomous Regions/Municipalities) of China are directly led by the State Post Bureau in the vertical management system.
    省(区、市)邮政管理局主要职责 Main Functions of Province-Level Administrations:
    1、 贯彻执行国家关于邮政业管理的法律法规、方针政策和邮政服务标准。
    To execute the laws, regulations, guidelines, policies and standards regarding the postal sector;
    2、 监督管理所在地区邮政市场。
    To supervise and regulate the local postal markets;
    3、 组织协调所在地区邮政普遍服务以及义务兵通信、党报党刊发行、盲人读物寄递等特殊服务的实施。
    To organize and coordinate the execution of universal postal services and special services such as communications for compulsory services, the distribution of CPC newspaper and journals, and the delivery of literatures for the blind;
    To undertake other tasks assigned by State Post Bureau.

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